Industrial Product Testing

Alfa Chemistry is an alternative energy upstream raw material manufacturer, supplier and technical service provider. We specialize in providing customers with industrial product testing services, including biofuels analysis, lithium-ion battery testing, photovoltaic product testing, and semiconductors testing services, which are key practices to guarantee product safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide services to universities and research institutions, but we are also able to assist industrial customers in finding solutions to alternative energy problems, reduce the time and cost of research and development, and ensure that industrial products comply with stringent performance, safety, and competitiveness standards. Based on our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology, our testing services are rigorous and comprehensive.

Our Services

Biofuels Analysis

Biofuels generally refer to liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels derived from biomass such as bioethanol from sugar cane or corn, charcoal or woodchips. They are renewable and have good storability and transportability, making them are substitutes for conventional fossil fuels.

Alfa Chemistry offers comprehensive analytical testing services for biofuels to demonstrate the properties of this innovative energy resource. Through various testing and analysis of biofuels, we can verify whether they meet the standards set by various regulatory agencies, facilitating superior control over biofuel quality.

Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

Battery energy storage is an important part of the alternative energy revolution because it is environmentally friendly and low-carbon. And lithium-ion batteries have become the mainstream of battery development as a result of their advantages such as long service life, high capacity, lightweight, and constant power.

Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive lithium-ion battery testing services to ensure that the quality of lithium-ion batteries meets international standards. In order to meet the escalating market demands for the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries, we continuously improve our testing levels to further ensure the safety of batteries in their end markets.

Photovoltaic Product Testing

Photovoltaic products are products that convert light into electricity through solar cells. Photovoltaic products include photovoltaic modules and components, inverters, batteries, photovoltaic power generation systems, etc. In photovoltaic products, quality assurance and reliability testing are closely linked.

Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive testing services for photovoltaic products. As part of our testing process, we conduct laboratory and outdoor testing in accordance with the standards and methods prescribed by the photovoltaic industry, so as to ensure that products, raw materials, and processes meet industry requirements.

Semiconductors Testing

Semiconductors refer to materials with conductive properties between conductors and insulators, such as silicon and germanium, which can be used to make chips, sensors, optoelectronic devices, and power semiconductor devices. In the semiconductor back-end process, semiconductor testing is a crucial step that directly affects the end product's quality.

Alfa Chemistry provides semiconductor testing services, from R&D to design and raw materials selection, from printed circuit boards (PCBs) manufacturing to chip packaging QC evaluations, aiming to ensure the functionality and reliability of semiconductor materials as well as critical components.

Alfa Chemistry has a dedicated testing lab, with state-of-the-art analyzers and talented testing engineers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our industrial product testing services, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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