Tertiary Arylamines For Semiconductors

Tertiary Arylamines For Semiconductors

Tertiary arylamines compounds are a very important class of organic molecules, which are widely used in pharmaceutical intermediates, dye chemicals, organic materials and other fields. In the field of semiconductors, tertiary arylamines materials have significant advantages such as better electron donating properties, lower ionization potential, higher hole mobility, and better solubility. These advantages make tertiary arylamine materials suitable for use in electronic devices as hole transport materials, and also as dye sensitizers to significantly improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells.

Chemical structures of tertiary arylaminesFigure 1. Chemical structures of tertiary arylamines


  • Dye sensitizers: The tertiary arylamine molecule has a non-planar structure and has the advantages of good stability, electron donating ability and non-aggregation. In the application field of dye-sensitized solar cells, the dye sensitizer with tertiary arylamine as the basic unit reduces the aggregation effect, which is beneficial for the excited state molecules of the dye sensitizer to inject electrons into the conduction band of the semiconductor. Secondly, the recombination of injected electrons and redox electron pairs is suppressed due to the helical structure of tertiary arylamine molecules, which endows the battery with better photoelectric conversion efficiency. In addition, the steric structure of the oxidized tertiary arylamine dyes sensitizer molecules can easily accommodate redox electron pairs, which can ensure the rapid regeneration of the dye sensitizers. It can be seen that the application of tertiary arylamine dyes sensitizers can significantly improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency and stability of dye-sensitized solar cells.
  • Hole transport material: Tertiary arylamine materials can form ammonium ion radicals under the action of an electric field, which makes them have good hole transport properties. The hole transport rate of tertiary arylamine materials is two orders of magnitude higher than that of general organic charge transport materials. Tertiary arylamine derivative hole transport materials can be widely used in organic solar cells, photorefractive holography, field effect transistors, organic photoconductors and other fields.


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