High Purity Salts For Energy Storage & Batteries

High purity salts are important chemicals with a wide range of applications in various industries. They are produced through a rigorous purification and refining process to remove impurities and contaminants, resulting in a high purity product suitable for use in applications where purity is critical. To ensure the purity and consistency of high purity salts, quality control measures such as analytical testing and strict manufacturing protocols are often implemented.

High Purity Salts For Energy Storage & Batteries

Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide customers with high purity salts in the purity range of 99.9% to 99.999%. They can be used as electrolytes in the field of energy storage and batteries, which plays an important role in the performance and efficiency of batteries. Our products are available in batches in the form of granules, fine powders or nanopowders, and can be ordered in large quantities if you have special needs.

Characteristics of High Purity Salts

The main characteristics of high purity salts are as follows.

  • Low levels of impurities: High purity salts contain very low levels of impurities, such as heavy metals, which can affect their suitability for use in certain applications.
  • Consistent particle size and shape: High purity salts are typically processed to have a consistent particle size and shape, which helps to ensure their uniformity and consistency in various applications.
  • Chemically stable: High purity salts are chemically stable, meaning they do not react with other chemicals or substances in most cases.
  • High melting and boiling points: High purity salts have high melting and boiling points, which makes them suitable for high temperature applications such as molten salt batteries.
  • Traceability: High purity salts are typically produced under strict quality control conditions, and their purity is verified using sophisticated analytical techniques. Therefore, their origin and production batches can be traced, which is important for quality control and compliance purposes.

Applications of High Purity Salts

The following examples briefly describe the application scenarios of high purity salts in energy storage and batteries.

High Purity Salts For Energy Storage & Batteries

  • For molten salt batteries: Molten salt batteries are rechargeable batteries that use a mixture of molten salt as the electrolyte and operate at high temperatures. Molten salt batteries can store large amounts of energy and are highly efficient, making them ideal for large-scale energy storage applications, such as power grids or renewable energy systems. The use of high-purity salts as electrolytes in such batteries helps improve their performance and reduces the risk of corrosion and other problems that may affect battery life.
  • For sodium ion batteries: In addition to molten salt batteries, high purity salts can also be used in other types of batteries, such as sodium ion batteries, which are rechargeable batteries that use sodium ions as charge carriers. High purity salts can be used as electrolytes for sodium ion batteries to help improve battery performance and efficiency.

High Purity Salts For Energy Storage & Batteries

What we offer

Alfa Chemistry provides high purity salts to companies focusing on renewable and alternative energy. If you cannot find the high purity salt you need, please contact us. We also offer product customization according to customer's detailed requirements.

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