Unlike traditional energy sources such as oil, gas and coal, alternative energy sources are more environmentally friendly and considered more sustainable in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to curtail our reliance on traditional energy sources and instead, invest in alternative energy sources that are clean, accessible, affordable, sustainable, and reliable.

Alfa Chemistry has been focusing on the research of green energy solutions for many years, not only providing upstream raw materials for use in the alternative energy field, but also offering leading-edge analytical testing services to both academia and industry. With a robust R&D team and advanced analytical equipment in standard laboratories, we are equipped to meet unique customer needs. Our experienced experts are adept at a diverse range of testing and analytical technologies, and can provide comprehensive industrial product testing, and material testing & analysis services. Click the link below to view our detailed services.

Our Capabilities

  • Alfa Chemistry has a professional team that consists of scientists and chemists with extensive analytical experience.
  • Alfa Chemistry has a comprehensive range of analytical instruments, allowing us to perform extensive execution certification and performance testing.
  • Alfa Chemistry can offer the most accurate testing results with a complete range of testing and analysis services.
  • Alfa Chemistry provides detailed reports that include details about the steps taken, the equipment used, and the results of the analysis.
  • Alfa Chemistry follows ASTM, ISO, and other recognized industry standards for testing and analysis.

Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide a wide range of services related to energy. Whichever service you choose, our team will ensure your satisfaction. We believe that expertise and customer focus are important factors in impressing our customers. Please contact us, if you are in need of assistance.

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.

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