About Us

Alfa Chemistry is committed to become a leading manufacturer and supplier focusing on providing upstream raw materials for green energy solutions. We continue developing our technology and implementing innovations for better products and services for both academia and industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of materials served in fields of solar energy, fuel cells, hydrogen storage and semiconductors, etc., in addition to professional consultation service in alternative energy development. Our experienced specialists also has mastered a wide variety of analytical technologies to provide custom synthesis service to meet with your unique requirements.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our company is an end-to-end company committed to developing and providing high-quality materials and satisfactory services to our global customers in the field of alternative energy.
Our vision is to be recognized as the most internationally competitive provider of alternative and renewable energy materials, helping to bring green energy to people’s daily life.
Nowadays, many advanced technologies do harm to our planet. We strive to minimize its harmful influence and hope we can save our nature for centuries.